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2018 Lectures/Topics

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Jan - All About Herbs 

Feb - Citrus for our Area

Mar - Berries and Cane Fruits

Apr - Plant Swap and Seed Swap

May - Potluck (no garden presentation) 

Jun - Pest Control and I.D.

Jul - Propegation Workshop

Aug - Seed swap with seed saving as a presentation.

Sep - Challenging Crops

Oct - General Election and Meeting

Nov - Tomatoes

Dec - Xmas Event

Lectures/Topics 2017

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 2017 Presentations / Lectures

Jan - Pruning and grafting

Feb - Container gardens and seed starting

Mar - Fruits and spray schedules

Apr - Plant Swap

May - Beneficial insects

Jun - Bee Keepers Presentation

Jul - Pollinator Gardens

Aug - Seed Swap

Sep - Master Gardeners Presentation

Oct - General Election and Meeting

Nov - Composting & Vermiculture

Dec - Xmas Event

Free Gardening Classes

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In conjunction with the University of Florida IFAS the Escambia County Extension Service is presenting free to the public fall gardening classes at the Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church from 6-7 pm Wednesdays, 1030 N. 57th Ave.

9/14 - Herbs for the Cool Season, Beth Bolles

9/21 - Color Combinations in the Garden, Karen Lessard

9/28- Attracting Butterflies and Pollinators to the Garden, Karen Groves (POG member)

10/5- Don't Waste Kitchen Waste-Composting 101, Patti Wernicke (POG member)

10/12- Tips for Growing Delicious Container Tomatoes and Peppers, Lyle and Millie Knapp

10/26- Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Landscape, Alexander Kozman

11/9-Plant Design in Small Spaces-Container Gardening, Pat Bush and Ann Luther

For more info or to reserve space wcontact J. L. Boston, 791-8223, [email protected]


Lecture Topics 2016

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2016 Lectures

Jan— Pruning and


Feb— Spring / Summer veggies, herbs, and exotics

Mar — Beneficials and attracting beneficials to the garden


May — Diseases and Control


Jul — Fall / Winter vegs, herbs, and exotics

Aug — Pensacola Climate and Irrigation

Sep — Garden Structures and Seed Swap


Nov — Composting

Dec — ( Christmas Dinner )


Christmas Banquet - Pot luck supper 2015

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This year we will be having a pot luck Christmas Banquet at Asbury Place, adjacent to Cokesbury United Methodist Church, on 9th Ave.  The dinner will start at 6:30; however, someone will be there at around 6:00 to help set up and get things ready.  The Club will provide the chicken (from Sam's Club) and members are asked to bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Bulbs and Gingers

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Friday, August 21, 2015

9:00 AM -to- 10:30 AM

Auditorium-Extension Office - 3740 Stefani Road

Learn which bulbs will grow successfully in our area and during what seasons will they bloom. Can they be left in the ground or must they be removed for safe storage? Are there pests that will cause problems for bulbs and if so how are the bulbs protected.

Gingers are tropical plants, what varieties of Gingers grow in NWFL? Must the plants be protected in cold weather? Which gingers are known for their bloom and which for their leaf colors? Is culinary ginger different?

Call 850-475-5230 to make a reservation, this is a free event.

Rain Barrel & Water Quality Workshop

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Rain Barrel & Water Quality Workshop

University of Florida IFAS Extension

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (CDT)

Pensacola, FL


New photos posted

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We had our spring garden tour this month and new photos are posted on the Garden Photo section.  


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Our meeting this month, April 27, will be at a different location -same time 6:30- due to the plant swap: Cokesberry United Methodist Church, 5725 N. Ninth Ave., Pensacola.

The meeting place is a former restaurant building located behind the church. The meeting place itself is on College Blvd. between and behind the church and the Wendy's restaurant.

What we do is, everyone brings plants (whatever you wish) either from their gardens or store-bought ones (6 packs) from a garden center. Some members bring a lot of plants, some less. I've already potted about 10 or so herbs and some sunflowers, and we'll be bringing tomato and other plants. We enjoy giving our plants to other members.

What we usually do is take down names, each name is called and they choose a plant. We do this for several rounds and at the end, all members get what is left. Everyone has to take home their own left-over plants (if there are any).

Please bring the plants in some type of container to lessen the mess and don't water the day of the swap, to keep dripping water from making a mess. And have something to take your plants home-we usually go home with more than we bring.

*If you wish to come to this meeting and join our Club, you are welcome.  Please bring plants to share/swap.




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