Pensacola Organic Gardener's Club

Organic Gardening in Pensacola Florida

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Dues for membership in our club are $10 per year for an individual and $15 per year for a couple/family.    Dues are collected annually in January/February.   However, if someone wishes to join at any other time, they are welcome to do so.    

Membership dues cover the meetings, with a monthly meeting reminder via the internet to members, door prize/prizes at the meetings, and a new member information packet. 

Members can get a 10% discount on garden supplies at the following local garden centers, if they show their membership card:  Pensacola Garden and Seeds on Mobile Hway; Farm & Nursery Mart on Pine Forest Rd.; and Eden Gardens on N. Davis Hway.  Also a 15% discount on garden supplies at Healthy Garden Supply on 9 Mile Rd.

Any local gardener (Pensacola,FL area)  who wishes to become a member should contact us via our form on this website and we will provide further information.  You can join at any of the monthly meetings.


Club Officers 2016 - 2017

                             Our Club Officers are as follows:

 George Shelton, President

 Stephanie Puckett, Vice President

 Kate Harriger, Secretary

 Peggy Gibbs, Treasurer


Club Meeting dates

Monday, Oct 23 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Monday, Nov 27 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday, Jan 27 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, Feb 27 at 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM